Sylvia Mundia is a young visionary leader who has an array of interests. Her deepest passion is the exploration and development of human potential. You will find her uplifting, developing and growing herself and those around her. Her education background is communication and more precisely corporate communication and strategy. A graduate of USIU, she has worked in various industries in communication dockets. She is currently working for a wealth management company; New Dawn Wealth where she serves as the Business Development and Operations Manager.

She serves as a member of the board at IPRHD as the youth representative. Having been involved in community work all through University, she has familiarized with the NGO world and she is a strong champion of the difference that NGO’s make in Kenya and Africa at large.

She believes in the dynamism of young minds and the ever consistent drive and passion that young people possess. “The future of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance and Leadership lies with young people who are willing to overlook the challenges they face and forge forward to work for their dreams.” She is committed to continuous personal growth and the growth of those who are in her space. IPHRD is one of the platforms that allows her to do that.