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Malograr Rican Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions are a way to celebrate the union of two people and prize their heritage. They put in a sense of culture to a special event which is to be cherished simply by guests for many years to arrive.

In Desfiladero Rico, there are plenty of traditions that add a perception of history and tradition for the occasion. Examples include decorations, mementos, and foodstuff.

Traditionally, brides to be and grooms dress yourself in traditional clothes that work for their cultures. This can be nearly anything from a traditional white suit to an costume that includes regional colors including red, blue, and green.


Flowers are also a vital part of a Puerto Rican wedding. Marriage bouquets usually are filled with amapola, flamboyan, or margarita flowers. They are famous because astrology and online dating of puerto rican women their energetic color and the abundance in Puerto Potentado.

One other tradition is a gift of las aval de boda, or 13 gold coins. They are given by los padrinos (godparents) to the couple after they exchange vows.

Las arras represent Jesus and his 12 apostles, and tend to be given to the bride and groom as a sign of their support during their marital life. They are wrapped about the couple’s shoulders during the wedding ceremony by their madrina or padrino, which symbolizes the joining of the two https://www.momjunction.com/articles/opening-lines-for-online-dating_00753795/ in God’s sight.

Capias, or perhaps narrow whitening strips of ribbon, can also be given to each guest by the bride and groom to be a memento. These types of tend to be saved simply by guests within their homes and placed on racks alongside home photos for years to arrive.

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