cyclone (1)

Most of the islands in the world are at the brim of being covered by seas and oceans as a result of rising waters. With global warming, most of the ice in the earth’s arctic region is melting at a high rate. This therefore poses risks to major island nations in the Caribbean, Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. A storm barreling toward the Pacific island nation of Tonga could be the most powerful to ever hit the country dubbed Gita. Cyclones affect the sustainable development goals, just like other sea calamities. In Kenya, the government under the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), experts have warned that the Coast as we know it today will be no more in two decades as a result of rising ocean waters due to global climate change. This has a repercussion on peace and security, because migration might lead to conflict over the scarcity of resources. It is therefore important for the governments to spearhead environmental conservation strategies and other sustainable means so as to minimize such catastrophes.


By- Vincent Mwangi