The EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security was held in Brussels from 23rd -24th May 2018. The conference provided an inclusive and interactive space for all stakeholders to exchange and to make recommendations for promoting young people in peace building, in partnership with the UN, other multilateral players, civil society, and young peace builders from across the world.
Participants noted the shared concern on how to reach out to and including marginalized and isolated young people in peace building. The Youth hold a very critical role in accessing the most vulnerable and exposed parts of society. This relates to the broader issue of working with, empowering and funding civil society and grassroots youth organizations and movements. Moreover, the capacities of EU Delegations to work with young peace builders in partner countries could be explored more.
Among the recommendations is peace building partnership between the EU and young people should be based on shared responsibility and a shared sense of initiative. Both the EU and the youth have a shared responsibility in contributing more to peace building. Investment in youth-led peace building needs to go hand in hand with young people organizing and mobilizing themselves to build a strong case for resourcing their actions.
By Felix Kiptoo