IPHRD-Africa attended the 3rd Regional Youth Leaders Forum on Peacebuilding from 3rd– 8th September 2018. The theme of the 2018 Forum was Youth in Action: Media and Prevention Violent Extremism. The Forum attended by 50 participants was organised by Arigatou International-Nairobi in partnership with Norwegian Church Aid (NCA). The Forum addressed the use of media particularly social media by violent extremist to recruit and disseminate information. Youth leaders therefore have a role in using social media to engage with communities on countering and preventing violent extremism.

Discussions during the Forum covered the following topics: Understanding the Context: Focus on Media and Preventing Violent Extremism; Media and Preventing Violent Extremism: Effective Interfaith Communication To Prevent And Counter Violent Extremism (P/CVE); Media and Preventing Violent Extremism: Designing a youth-led media intervention to P/CVE for the RPP youth network and Media and Preventing Violent Extremism: Case Studies, Evidence and Research.

The aim of the Forum was to learn more about the role of media in preventing, countering and transforming violent extremism (P/C/TVE) and how to use media in P/C/TVE; Share lessons learned and progress updates in relation to their peace work; develop 2019 plans of action for sustained youth engagement in P/C/TVE and strengthen regional cooperation and networking among youth leaders and peace practitioners.

The outcome of the Forum was to strengthen the understanding of the youth leaders on media and violent extremism as well as encourage discussion on role of youth leaders in addressing sources and causes of violent extremism. The youth leaders will incorporate the knowledge gained in their plans of actions to sustain sustained youth engagement in prevention, countering and transforming violent extremism.